PC Optimization and Internet Security

Due to the increase in internet usage, many people are experiencing poor PC performance and frequent system malfunctions.  This is caused by large amounts of spyware, cookies and temporary internet files which automatically load every time you visit a website.  These system intrusion files can seriously damage your system's memory, and make your personal information vulnerable to hackers and unauthorized users.  Enddo Systems International can help clean your PC's file system, providing maximum protection and performance optimization.  In addition, our ESI technician's will properly install and configure your internet connections firewall, and install a top rated antivirus software. 

For a limited time only, our PC checkup & security service is available for $100*

To set up a home or office appointment, send an email to: contact@enddo.com
This service is available 24hrs / 7 days a week**
* $100 Offer valid towards common PC problems.  Additional fees apply for major crashes, system virus's and malfunctions.
**(weekend/holiday appointments and appointments requested between 8pm and 8am require an additional $50 surcharge).